Our treatments are completed within just 3 - 8 sessions consisting of the following phases:

  1. Consultation

  2. 1st treatment

  3. 2nd treatment

  4. 3rd and final treatment(s)


The first step is an in-person, virtual, or over the phone consultation upon appointment. We consult the client to understand their needs and expected results in order to decide what the best approach to take is. Our experts guide the client throughout the entire process and help in the decision-making phase to choose the best hair style for the client. At the end of the consultation period, an action plan will be created detailing the necessary requirements need to reach each patient’s personal goal and desire.

The first treatment is mild in comparison to the next three. The initial treatment session is to establish the foundation of what the patient’s new look will be. ***Mild redness and soreness in the scalp are normal after the first day of treatment. This should resume back to normal after a few days. 

Treatment 2 is a more involved process. This is when our professionals begin to add more detail and fill in more pigmentation. A darker shade will be immediately noticeable after the second treatment. At the end of this session, the full vision of the treatment begins to take shape and the client’s future look really starts to come to life. *** This is a critical time for any concerns or questions in order to change course if needed. 

The third or proceeding treatments will depend on the client's treatment plan and has the longest gap in between sessions. This is to allow the scalp to fully rest and heal. 


After the treatment, it is important to note that clients should keep up with their routine touch up and maintenance as reccommednded by the artist. 

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