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Looking for a full make over, or just want to make minor improvements? Come see Jordan! She has an incredible eye for permanent make-up design, and also does corrective work!

For a relaxing spa experience, and skincare advice, come see our amazing master esthetician, Gabriela. Book an Advanced Facial and you'll see what we're talking about. You'll love it!

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At Circadia, our philosophy of skincare is centered on the body’s circadian rhythms, defending from environmental insult during the day, and stimulating repair mechanisms during sleep. Circadia’s products utilize paraben-free preservative systems, a multitude of cutting-edge ingredient technologies and specialty items for comprehensive treatment of aging skin, pigmentation disorders, acne and rosacea. The company also boasts a clinically evaluated moisturizing pillow case which is an exclusive all-night skin care treatment accessory.


The human body is governed by the Circadian Clock Genes that regulate everything from digestion, body temperature, pH and your body’s ability to protect and repair. The skin is the largest organ of the body and has direct exposure to UV radiation and environmental toxins, the skin has the ability to program its own circadian rhythms. Skincare professionals should be aware of the time of the day when they make an assessment of the skin or prescribe a specific treatment.

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"SO PROFESSIONAL AND THE BEST PRICES AROUND!! I am glad I got an artist who cared enough to treat me with respect and give me a product that was beautiful, timely, and still healthy for my body!"

Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism

Google review by Kaitlin G.

"Jordan is the BEST! Very professional, she definitely knows what she is doing, very experienced and her prices are reasonable! I would recommend her to anyone who wants their eyebrows micro-bladed the right way!"

Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality

Google review by Kimberly C.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND WINK AESTHETICS to anyone looking to get some amazing quality and great customer service. Thanks again Jordan"

Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Quality

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